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Our Services


We offer a range of general cleaning services including vacuuming, mopping, dusting and washroom cleaning. Our cleaners are reliable and efficient and can guarantee you the best commercial cleaning service in order for your facility to stay clean and hygienic. If you require a quote for your office cleaning please do not hesitate to contact us for a competitive price.


We have extensive cleaning in cleaning large theatres in cinemas and stadiums. Our cleaners have been cleaning large facilities occupies by huge crowds and we understand the pressure and need for hygiene in such circumstances. From ensuring the washroom is replenished to ensuring the corridors remain clean and tidy we will ensure your facility remain clean and neat at all times.

Logistic Cleaning

From buses to car, our team of dedicated and passionate cleaners have done it all. We have worked with international car rental and fleet companies servicing their branches in Western Australia. With years of experience under our belt we are ready to be your cleaning partner.

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Schools and universities require reliable and professional commercial cleaners seven days a week. With over 10 years experience in commercial cleaning services we have the right cleaners to ensure your education facility will remain clean and hygienic at all times. Our cleaners offer washroom cleaning, carpet cleaning and window cleaning in order to ensure that your facility remain clean for the students attending.


Healthcare, Agecare and medical facilities require strict cleaning control in order to not cross-contaminate various areas. Our cleaners are trained in medical cleaning facilities and will guarantee a cleaning standard that will leave your healthcare fresh, hygienic and up to the legal standards it requires. Talk to our cleaning representatives today to ensure you are getting the best cleaning deal.


From airports, shopping malls to skyscrapers our team of trained cleaners can ensure your facility is always up to specs and ready to welcome more traffic. We understand the importance of keeping your facility clean when there is hundreds of foot traffic each day. Our cleaners work around the clock to ensure your washroom are hygienic and the floor keep shining through the day and night.

Specialised Cleaning Services

Floor Scrubbing - Strip & Seal - Window Cleaning- Steam Cleaning - Pressure washer

Need a speciality cleaning service? Then talk to us today. We have the right cleaning equipment to clean and restore your floors, polish your tiles and make your windows shine. From professional carpet cleaning, floor scrubbing and strip and seal our team of professional and experienced cleaners will ensure you have the results your desire. Talk to our cleaning experts today and we will get it clean!

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